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"Psychoanalysis is not like any other form of therapeutics".
Jacques Lacan
Shoes by Ana von Rebeur - About Shoes
By Néstor Yellati
The pianos were there, in the middle class dining-rooms, and it was important and desirable that children played the piano. Music, both "classical" (no better name has been created for it) and "academic" (an even worse denomination) was greatly appreciated. Playing the piano was then, to certain extent, a forced choice.
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Short articles
Borges, Wilde, style: why ´anxiety´ is not ´Angst´
By Héctor Mauas, Marco Mauas
In "Note dictated at a hotel at the Quartier Latin" (1984), an essay written towards the end of his life, Borges traces a very tiny line of words on the surface of Wilde's texts. This line has some properties: it is external and foreign to the plane on which it is traced, yet at the same time it is intimately distant. We believe that this Borgesian line is a force of attraction: it creates a difference in potential between texts and produces an "intertext", which is nothing but a niche for the non-words that persist in a future, unfinished dimension -this is called style.
The hole in the pot.
By Graciela Musachi
The author captures the issue of the contemporary transformation of Freud´s question "What does the woman want?" into "Why are there so many women in psychoanalysis?" and offers an answer based on the Argentine context.
At the same time, she leans on Lacan´s understanding of mysticism to give a more radical reply to this question, pinpointing that which the psychoanalytic discourse sets in motion, particularly with regard to women.
Clinical vignettes
"The woman, logically, is always more long-suffering".
By Lic. Beatriz Bacco
The purpose of this work is to describe a patient's first interview at a private mental health center. The interview -during which the patient was invited to speak freely- was conducted by the patient's analyst. As the analyst-in-training who witnessed the interview, I will try to account for what I heard from a Freudian-Lacanian psychoanalytic point of view.
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Short articles
The logics of exclusion: a response from the real.
By Carlos Gustavo Motta
People who suffer from AIDS are sometimes denied basic rights such as food or housing, and they are even fired from jobs they are perfectly able to perform. Moreover, they are sometimes rejected by their community or -in the most tragic instances- by their own family. The social and economic tensions associated to the HIV/AIDS complex constitute a major political and cultural problem.
Some observations on case presentations.
By Marta Serra Frediani
Ever since the Seminar of the Freudian Field was created in Barcelona in 1985, its meetings have consisted of two different sections: a seminar on texts conducted by a lecturer, and a seminar on clinical cases, delivered jointly by the lecturer and two psychoanalysts who "present" a clinical case from their own practice.
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