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"Psychoanalysis is not like any other form of therapeutics".
Jacques Lacan
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Clinical vignettes
How S. discovered the holographic world.
By Dra. Inés Sotelo
The experience of psychoanalysis, the device of psychoanalysis and any events that take place within that framework are considered analytical acts, since they bring about the transformation, the subversion of the subject, insofar as that which is transformed within such device cannot revert to its former status.
Short articles
Youths with a route of their own.
By Mg. Sergio Marcelo Zabalza
During the difficult transition to adulthood, every adolescent faces the challenge to be one among others. In order to claim one's place in a group of peers, the job market, the school or the university, one has to give up the privileges and the protection afforded by childhood. The benefits of autonomy must be paid by meeting one's responsibilities.
Superego resistance: negative therapeutic reaction.
By Dra. Marta Gerez Ambertín

The current debate on the negative therapeutic reaction (N.T.R.) as a form of superego resistance is here discussed, in order to explain the clinical specificity of the N.T.R. within the analytic device. The difference between N.T.R., negative transference and character types is established. From the Guilt Clover, the mute form of guilt is highlighted as a need for punishment (essential bastion of the superego resistance). The importance of the mourning for the a object as possible break from the fence of the N.T.R. in the analytic cure is emphasized.[1]

Clinical vignettes
Uses of oblivion.
By Graciela Ortiz Zavalla
I will describe three moments in the psychoanalytic treatment of a young woman, whom I will call Sandra, in order to point out the establishment, the development and the limits of transference. It was Sandra's parents who came to the appointment with me, worried about their daughter.
The role of time in the clinical situation, according to Lacan.
By David Marrani
The question of time has been a very important question in both soft and hard sciences. In Physics, the former "natural philosophy" [3], it is inevitable to think of Einstein and the concept of space-time. The spatial positioning is linked to the time in many ways. The first spatial positioning, the primitive location, the locus, is inside the mother, the first place of living. The last one is the cemetery, the loculus. Indeed, time and distance, space, are related. The simplest expression of their relation is probably the one of speed. Indeed in the equation of speed we find that speed= distance/time. Interestingly enough, the discovery of the unconscious by Freud and the theory of restricted relativity of Einstein, both from the beginning of the 20th century, consider space and time, and developed the idea that these affect time in the way we think about it. Freud precisely wrote that the time of the unconscious is not the real time.
Short articles
Psychoanalysis, research and science
By Dr. Jorge Bekerman
The requirement to shorten the interventions and turn them into ten- to twelve-minute-long presentations prompted me to adopt a sort of "minimal format" for this intervention: I chose to state ten one-minute-long proposals, articulated with one another. I prepared the presentation by summarizing the contents of each proposal and by focusing on what I cannot fail to say, rather than on what I would like to say.
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